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Buying bargains in bustling Bolivia! 02.12.2010
South American Overlanding Part 1 18.11.2010
Easter Island's Moai Madness to Santiago's Smoggy Views! 19.10.2010
Kiwi Campervaning Part 3!! 05.10.2010
Kiwi Campervaning Part 2!! 24.09.2010
Kiwi Campervaning!!! 13.09.2010
Sydneysiders to Dolphin Spyers! 21.08.2010
Coastline Camping from Melbourne to Sydney! 01.08.2010
Campervan Cruising on the Great Ocean Road! 19.07.2010
From Country Living to City Dwelling! 02.07.2010
Paradise wedding, working and partying - Surfers' style! 17.06.2010
Petronas Towers to Cocktail hours! 27.05.2010
Diving fun to visa run, with lots of buckets in between! 19.05.2010
Captivating Cambodia 24.04.2010
Sand dunes, Saigon and small tunnels! 31.03.2010
Venturing into Vietnam 14.03.2010
Laid back Laos 26.02.2010
Orang-Utans, Uncle Tans and sun tans!! 12.02.2010
Thai Temples and Trekking 04.02.2010
'Tis the season to .... eat lobster and drink cocktails!! 27.01.2010
Roaming in Rajasthan- Tiger hunts to camel grunts! 13.01.2010
Roaming in Rajasthan- Part 2 13.01.2010
Merry Christmas from Goa and Happy New Year from Bangkok! 06.01.2010
Varanasi, Agra, Delhi; Ganges, Taj and all things smelly!! 29.12.2009
Everest Base Camp - the challenge! 16.12.2009
Memories of beach life and Nameste Nepal! 02.12.2009
Laid back countryside and Shanghai wide-eyed! 18.11.2009
Warriors, Pandas and a massive Buddah! 07.11.2009
Checking into China!! 30.10.2009
Sayonara Japan!! 29.10.2009
Fighting, history and all you can eat buffets! 21.10.2009
Temple trekking! 15.10.2009
Yankydoodle Comes to Town! 10.10.2009
Stars of `Sapporo Sweets` 07.10.2009
Shibuya, Shinjuku and Hokkaido by Bullet Train! 05.10.2009
Touchdown in Tokyo 02.10.2009
ALL BOOKED!! 01.09.2009
Our Rough Itinerary..... 31.08.2009